We are also in the business of re-conditioning old machines. In the process of re-conditioning the arm / bed / base is ground on our Slideway Grinder, screw rods replaced with new ones, electrical panels completely re-wired and change of mostly all bearings, re-winding (or replacement) of motors, change of worn out parts and painting the machine. The accuracy of the machine is maintained within permissible limits. The procedure of re-conditioning is as follows:

  • Dismantling of the machine, sub-systems and through cleaning of all parts.

  • Inspection to identify and decide on the parts to be changed.

  • Grinding and scraping of all axes to restore geometrical alignment and accuracies.

  • Suiting of gibs.

  • Picturing of slides wherever necessary.

  • Replacement of screw rods.

  • Pre-assembling of parts.

  • Re-assembly of machine.

  • Electrical assembly/repairs including re-wiring.

  • Checking of geometrical alignments.

All these operations are carried out in-house as shown in some of the photographs.